Men are obsessed with looking at women in lingerie, but if you’re out buying rather than perving, it’s an intricate affair with lots to consider.

In general, men do a great job shopping for women. Many wonderful and imaginative gift ideas have come from the hearts of men in love with beautiful women.  Here are some lingerie buying tips for men.

Size Does Matter  
Rule of thumb is that you have to know her size. This is the most obvious sticking point when it comes to lingerie shopping; it is important not to guess. If you don't know her well enough to check one of her bras for its size, you probably shouldn’t surprise her with lingerie! Make sure to check more than one bra, because sometimes ladies wear different sizes.If this is the case, go for the size that is most common in her drawer. Also check her dress size – it is good when buying the matching knickers and nightwear.

Colour Counts
Once your detective work has been put to good use getting the right size, the next step is colour. If you don’t already, pay attention when she is undressing – what colours does she normally wear? She may wear classic black and white for everyday, but probably won’t want these styles as a gift.

Know Her Body Type
There are many pieces of lingerie for every woman. Here is a brief summary of different body types and the types of lingerie to look for.
Pear (smaller on top and tapers out). This does not mean small busted. This means women who have a small upper body. Try something a little loose fitting on the top. Upside down pear (wider shoulders and small derrière, meaning a muscular or bigger upper body build). Women today work hard to have muscle tone and wear it well. If they want to show it off, choose something sporty. If she has small breasts, baby dolls are a good choice. Try to avoid tight strapless bustiers; some women complain that bustiers do not shift with their body movements. If she wants to add some cleavage (most do), try padded or push-up padded! Hourglass (proportioned about average top to bottom). You can choose any type of lingerie that you like.

Her Personality
Spending a little time to think about her style won’t go amiss either. How does she like to dress? Is she girly, romantic and feminine, does she go for full-voltage glamour and vamp things up? Or is she understated, classic and cool? There is a wide range of lingerie to help you match her own distinctive style.

Don't Forget the Accessories!
When buying lingerie, don’t forget those little finishing touches that make your present all the more perfect.Does the set you have plumped for havematching suspender belt? If so, how about some sexy stockings, too? If not, how about a sexy garter or teasing eye mask instead? High-heels create a special look and a feeling of excitement for both men and women. Stockings, gloves, feather boas, all will excite her as well as you! Complete her look so that she can dress up without going shopping for more.